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Muharram 12, 1440

Days remaining to
Independence Day -
August 14

Pakistan Standard Time 11:17 am



Select in the table below to hear the pronounciation of that particular Urdu word.

Some of the audio files have not been completed yet but we are working on them. If you are interested in learning Urdu, drop us an email and we will inform you once these audio files are completed. Sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you for your continued patience.

English Dansk Urdu Audio
Sunrise Solopgang Sraj nikalne k waqt
Morning Morgen Subah
Noon Middag Dopahar
Afternoon Eftermiddag Dopahar bd
Sunset Solnedgang Sraj dbne k waqt
Evening Aften Shm
Night Nat Rt
Midnight Midnat dh rt

English Dansk Urdu Audio
Monday Mandag Somvr
Tuesday Tirsdag Mangalvr
Wednesday Onsdag Budhvr
Thursday Torsdag Jummart
Friday Fredag Jumma
Saturday Lrdag Haft
Sunday Sndag Itvr

English Dansk Urdu Audio
January Januar Janvar
February Februar Farvar
March Marts Mrc
April April Aprail
May Maj Ma
June Juni Jn
July Juli Jul
August August Agast
September September Sitambar
October Oktober Aktbar
November November Navambar
December December Disambar

English Dansk Urdu Audio
Spring Forr Bahr
Summer Sommer Garm
Autumn Efterr Khaz
Winter Vinter Sard

English Dansk Urdu Audio
Time Tid Waqt
Second Sekund Sekand
Minute Minut Minat
Ten minutes Ti minutter Das minat
Half hour Halv time dh ghant
Hour Time Ghant
Day Dag Din
Week Uge Haft
Month Mned Mahn
Year r Sl
Century rhundrede Sad

English Dansk Urdu Audio
Quarter past ... Kvarter over ... Sav
Half past ... Halv ... Srhe ...
Quarter to ... Kvarter i ... Paune ...
What time is it? Hvad er klokken? Waqt kya huwa hai?
It's preciously twelve Den er prcis tolv Thik brah baje hain
It's one Den er t Ek baja hai
It's half past one Den er halv to Derh baje hain
It's two Den er to Do baje hain
It's half past two Den er halv tre Dh baje hain
It's five min. to three Den er fem min. i tre Tn bajane ko pnc minat hain
It's three Den er tre Tn baje hain
Its ten min. past three Den er ti min. over tre Tn baj kar das minat
It's quarter past three Den er et kvarter over tre Sav tn baje hain
It's four Den er halv fem Cr baje hain
It's half past four Den er fire Srhe cr baje hain
It's quarter to five Den er et kvarter i fem Paune pnc baje hain
It's twenty min. to six Den er tyve min. i seks Chay bajane men bs minat
Is your watch alright? Passer deres ur? pk ghar thk hai?
My watch has stopped Mit ur er get i st Mer ghar ruk ga hai
My watch is ahead / behind Mit ur er foran / bagefter Mer ghar ge / pche hai

English Dansk Urdu Audio
Early Tidligt Jald
Late Sent Der
Today I dag j
Tonight I aften j shm ko
Yesterday I gr Kal
Day before yesterday I forgrs Parson
Tomorrow I morgen Kal
Day after tomorrow I overmorgen Parson
In the morning Om morgenen Subah ko
In the evening Om aftenen Shm ko
Late in the evening Sent om aftenen Der shm ko
Tomorrow evening I morgen aften Kal shm ko
At nighttime Om natten Rt ko
Late in the night Sent om natten Der rt ko
Now Nu Ab
Last week Sidste uge Pichl haft
Last month Sidste mned Pichl mahn
Last year Sidste r Pichl sl
Next week Nste uge Agl haft
Next month Nste mned Agl mahn
Next year Nste r Agl sl
Every day Hver dag Rozn
Every week Hver uge Har haft
Every month Hver mned Har mahne
Every year Hvert r Har sl
Anually rlig Sln
Per day Pr. dag Ek din men
Per week Pr. uge Ek hafte men
Per month Pr. month Ek mahne men
Per year Pr. r Ek sl men
Often Ofte Aksar
Never Aldrig Kabh nahn
Ocassionally Engang imellem Kabh kabh
Date Dato Trkh
What date is it today? Hvilken dato er det i dag? j ky trkh hai?


My contribution is only two annas (fraction of the rupee) - actually the Congress contributed 12 annas to
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Jinnah showed humility after his triumph. When Jinnah was asked about his contribution to the creation of Pakistan, he responded with his characteristic dry wit.
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