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Muharram 12, 1440

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Independence Day -
August 14

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Kinships & Relationships

Select in the table below to hear the pronounciation of that particular Urdu word.

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English Urdu Audio
Mother Maa˝, Waalidah
Father Baap, Waalid
Son BeyTa
Daughter BeyTi
Brother Bhaa'i
Sister Bahen, Ham Shiirah
Elder brother Bhaa'i jaan
Elder sister Baaji
Husband KHaawi˝d, SHauhar
Wife Biwi

English Urdu Audio
Mother's father Naana
Mother's mother Naani
Father's father Daada
Father's mother Daadi
Father's father's father Par daada
Father's father's mother Par daadi
Mother's father's father Par naana
Mother's father's mother Par naani

English Urdu Audio
Mother's sister KHaalah
Mother's sister's son KHaalah zaad bhaa'i
Mother's sister's daughter KHaalah zaad bahen
Mother's sister's husband KHaalu
Mother's brother Maamoo˝
Mother's brother's son Maamoo˝ zaad bhaa'i
Mother's brother's daughter Maamoo˝ zaad bahen
Mother's brother's wife Mumaani

English Urdu Audio
Father's younger brother Chaacha
Father's younger brother's wife Chaachi
Father's younger brother's son Chacha zaad bhaa'i
Father's younger brother's daughter Chacha zaad bahen
Father's sister Phuphi
Father's sister's husband Phupha
Father's sister's son Phuphi zaad bhaa'i
Father's sister's daughter Phuphi zaad bahen
Father's elder brother Taaya
Father's elder brother's son Tayaa zaad bhaa'i
Father's elder brother's daughter Taaya zaad bahen
Father's elder brother's wife Taa'i

English Urdu Audio
Son's son Pota
Son's daughter Poti
Son's son wife Pot bahu
Son's daughter's husband Pot daamaad
Son's son's son PaR pota
Son's son's daughter PaR poti
Son's wife, Daughter-in-law Bahu

English Urdu Audio
Daughter's son Nawaasa
Daughter's daughter Nawaasi
Daughter's son's son Par nawaasa
Daughter's son's daughter Par nawaasi
Daughter's husband Daamaad

English Urdu Audio
Brother's wife Bhaabi
Brother's son Bhatiija
Brother's daughter Bhatiiji
Brother's son's wife Bhatiij bahu
Brother's daughter's husband Bhatiij daamaad

English Urdu Audio
Sister's husband Baehno'i
Sister's son Bhaa˝ja
Sister's daughter Bhaa˝ji
Sister's son's wife Bhaa˝j bahu
Sister's daughter's husband Bhaa˝j daamaad

English Urdu Audio
Husband's father, father-in-law Susar
Husband's younger brother Deywar
Husband's younger brother's wife Deywraani
Husband's elder brother JeyTh
Husband's elder brother's wife JeThaani
Husband's sister Na˝d
Husband's sister's husband Na˝do'i
Husband's father's brother's son, who is younger than husband Chacheyra deywar
Husband's father's brother's son, who is elder than husband Chacheyra jeyTh
Husband's father's brother's daughter Chacheyri na˝d
Husband's(or wife's) father's younger (or elder) brother's wife Chachiya saas
Husband's father's father / Wife's father's father Dadiya susar
Husband's father's mother / Wife's father's mother Dadiya saas
Husband's father's sister's son, who is younger than husband Phupheyra dewar
Husband's father's sister's son, who is elder than husband Phupheyra jeyTh
Husband's father's sister's daughter Phupheyri na˝d
Husband's father's sister Phuphiya saas
Husband's father's sister's husband Phuphiya susar

English Urdu Audio
Wife's sister's husband Mam zulf, SaaRhu
Wife's brother Saala
Wife's brother's wife Salhaj
Wife's sister Saali
Wife's mother, mother-in-law Saas

English Urdu Audio
Father's parent's home Dadhyaal
Mother's parental home Nanhyaal
Parental household/parental home (for a married woman) Maekah
Husband or wife's parental household Susraal
real (not a step relative) Haqiiqi
real (m.) - not a step relative Saga
real (f.) - not a step relative Sagi
Step relative (m.) Sauteyla
Step relative (f.) Sauteyli


Muslims want Pakistan, which means Muslim majority rule in Muslim majority provinces with adequate and effective safeguards for the minorities. Our religion, our history and our traditions are the strongest and most effective guarantees for the effective protection of the political, religious and cultural rights of non-Muslims. They shall be more than justly treated. We want the Hindus to be free and we want freedom for ourselves....

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