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Safar 10, 1440

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Independence Day -
August 14

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Chaudhry Rahmat Ali

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1. For which reason is Chaudrey Rehmat Ali's name best known?
He designed the Minar-e-Pakistan
He coined the name, Pakistan
He built Rohtas Fort near Dina

2. Which year was Chaudrey Rehmat Ali born?

3. Where was he born?
Hoshiharpur district in Punjab
Nawabshah district in Sind
Ziarat district in Baluchistan

4. When and in which college did he pass his B.A. Exams?
Aligarh College, Aligarh, in 1918
Islamia College, Lahore, in 1918
Islamia College, Peshawar, in 1918

5. During his student years, which two newspapers did he work for?
Dawn & Jang
Nation & Frontier Post
Zamindar & Sayasath

6. When did Chaudrey Rehmat Ali leave for England?
October 1930
October 1933
October 1936

7. At which institutions did he study?
Cambridge University & Edinburgh University
Cambridge University & Oxford University
Cambridge University & Dublin University

8. Name the pamphlet where he coined the name Pakistan for the first time?
Pakistan Now !
Now or Never !
Independence Now or Slavery forever !

9. When was this pamphlet issued?
January 1933
January 1934
January 1935

10. Name the organization he founded in England?
Pakistan National Movement
Pakistan Independence Movement
Pakistan Homeland Movement

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Jinnah was the most Westernised political leader in all the annals of Indian Islam; no other Muslim political leader could match him in terms of modernity and a modern outlook. He was completely at home with the milieu in cosmopolitan Bombay and metropolitan London. He also married a Parsi girl, so unconventional for a Muslim leader at that time, though after getting her converted to Islam. During his chequered career, Jinnah came in contact with an exceedingly large number of non-Muslim leading personalities and a host of British officials, more than any other Muslim leader and had interacted with them for some four decades - before he underwent a paradigmatic shift. Jinnah was also a man who minced no words, stood no humbug, and called a spade a spade. He held political rhetoric in high disdain; he preferred political wilderness to playing to the gallery. Such a man could not possibly have gone in for an Islamic orientated discourse unless he felt that the Islamic values he was commending were at home with the values underlying modernity, that Islam was in consonance with progress and modernity. During the debate on Islam and secularism, this is a point that has lain ignored.

Jinnah's Vision of Pakistan
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