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Safar 11, 1440

Days remaining to
Independence Day -
August 14

Pakistan Standard Time 9:47 am


Pakistan Flag

Quaid-e-Millat Liaquat Ali Khan presenting the Pakistan Flag

Symbolism of the Flag

The National Flag of Pakistan is dark green in colour with a white band, a white cresent in the centre and five-pointed star; the star and cresent being a traditional symbol of Islam.

The colours and symbols of the Flag may be thus explained: The white and dark green fields represent minorities and Muslim majority, respectively.

The colour white is for hope, purity cleanliness of life and rectitude of conduct; the green for reverence to God, sincerity, justice and truth.

The five-rayed star (an ancient symbol of Persia and Egypt) represents lofty aspirations as well as light and knowledge. The cresent on the Flag represents progress.

The symbolism of the Flag can be thus interpreted: That Pakistan is a country of diversity where all people are free and that high aspirations and knowledge are the key to progress for the nation.

The Pakistan Flag was designed by Ameer-ud-din Khidwai. It is unique in the noble significance of its message to the entire world, a message of national independence, diversity, of idealism, of patriotism.

It symbolizes national independence and equality. It is not the flag of a reigning family or royalty, but of 150+ million free people welded into a Nation, one and insepraable, united not only by community of interest, but by vital unity of sentiment and purpose; a Nation distinguished for the clear individual conception of its citizens alike of their duties and their privileges, their obligations and their rights safeguarded by the stern and lofty principles of duty, of righteousness and of justice, and attainable by obedience to self-imposed laws.

It embodies the essence of patriotism. Its spirit is the spirit of the Pakistani Nation. Its history is the history of the Pakistani people. It is the flag that flies high today because of our heroic dead, the fathers and sons of the Nation who devoted upon its altars their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honour. Twice told tales of honour and glory cluster thickly about it. Ever victorious, it has emerged triumphant from two great national conflicts. It flew high in the wars of 1965 and 1971. It bears witness to the development of our natural resources, and the splendid structure of our civilization. It prophesies the triumph of popular and democratically elected government, of civic and religious liberty and of national righteousness throughout the world.

The flag flies over four provinces and 150+ million owe it allegiance. It has been brought to this proud position by love and sacrifice. Citizens have advanced it and heroes have died for it. It is the sign made visible of the strong spirit that has brought liberty and prosperity to the people of Pakistan. It is the flag of all us alike. Let us accord it honour, respect and loyalty.

Muslims living in London raising the new Pakistan flag to celebrate the granting of dominion and status to Pakistan and Hindustan by the British government (1947). CORBIS/Bettmann.


Specifications for the National Flag

The following resolution was passed by the Pakistan Constituent Assembly outlining the specifications for the national flag.

"That this assembly resolves that the national flag of the federation of Pakistan be of the following description."

"A dark green rectangular flag in the proportion of length and width 3:2 with a white vertical bar at the mast, the green portion bearing a white crescent in the centre and a five-pointed white heraldic star. The size of the white portion being one-fourth the size of the flag, nearest the mast, the remainder three-fourths being dark green. the dimensions of the crescent and star are obtained as follows:

"Draw the diagonal from the top right hand corner to the bottom left corner of the green portion. On this diagonal establish two points 'A' and 'B'. Point 'A' at a distance equidistant from top right and bottom left hand corners of the green portion, i.e. the centre of the green portion. Point 'B' at a distance from the top right hand corner equal to 13/20th the width of the flag. With centre point 'A' and radius 1.1/4th the width of the flag describe a second arc. The enclosures made by these two arcs form the crescent. The dimensions of the five-pointed white heraldic star are determined by drawing a circle 1/10th the width of the flag. The circle surrounds the five points of the heraldic star. The star lies with one point on the diagonal at a point where the larger arc of the crescent, if completed, cuts the diagonal."


Size of flags
Occassion Size (Feet/Inches) Size (Centimeter)
Ceremonial 21' x 14' 640 cm x 427 cm
18' x 12' 549 cm x 366 cm
10' x 6,67' 305 cm x 203 cm
9' x 6,25' 274 cm x 191 cm
Use over buildings 6' x 4' 183 cm x 122 cm
3' x 2' 91 cm x 61 cm
Cars 12" x 8" 31 cm x 20 cm
Tables 6,25" x 4.25" 16 cm x 11 cm


Occasions on which Pakistani flag is to be flown
Date Occassion
March 23 Pakistan Day
August 14 Independence Day
December 25 Quaid-e-Azam's Birthday
Other Such other days as may be notified by the Government from time to time


Days when flags at half-mast
Date Occassion
April 21 Death anniversary of Allama Mohammad Iqbal
September 11 Death anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam
October 16 Death anniversary of Quaid-e-Millat Liaquat Ali Khan
Other Such other days as may be notified by the Government from time to time


Flag to be flown on residences

The Pakistan Flag shall be flown on the official residences of the following VIPs when they are home:

I The President and Prime Minister of Pakistan
II Chairman of the Senate and Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan
III Governors of the Provinces
IV Federal Ministers and other dignitaries entitled to the privileges of the Ministers of the Government of Pakistan
V Chief Ministers and Ministers of Provinces
VI The Chief Election Commissioner
VII Deputy Chairman of the Senate / Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan
VIII Speakers of the Provincial Assemblies
IX Diplomatic Representatives of Pakistan in foreign countries
X Commissioners of Divisions, Deputy Commissioners and Political Agents

Note: The Pakistan Flag will be flown on the official residence of the President / Prime Minister alongside his personal standard.


Flag to be flown on motorcars

The following persons shall be entitled to fly the Pakistan Flag on their motor cars, vessels and aeroplanes, when the dignitaries themselves are seated:

I The President of Pakistan
II The Prime Minister of Pakistan
III The Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan
IV The Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan
V Chief Justice of Pakistan
VI The Governors of the Provinces
VII The Chief Ministers of the Provinces
VIII Chief Justices of the High Courts

Note: The President / Prime Minister may fly two flags i.e., his personal flag in addition to the National Flag.


Pakistan Flag images

The flag images below may be copied.
Click one of the flags below and a pop-up window will emerge. Right-click the flag image you want and select 'Save picture as...'.

Animated Size (Width x Height) Size (KB) View image
Yes 15px x 11px 2
Yes 68px x 50px 2
Yes 100px x 100px 3
Yes 111px x 75px 4
Yes 152px x 108px 5
Yes 205px x 148px 7
No 48px x 32px 2
No 58px x 40px 2
No 100px x 62px 3
No 150px x 100px 3
No 384px x 256px 5
No 458px x 311px 4
No 600px x 449px 20


Honour the Pakistan Flag !!

Leader of the Hindu Untouchables


All religions hold the belief that God sends suitable men into the world to work out his plans from time to time, and at critical junctures. I regard Mr. Jinnah as the man who has been called upon to correct the wrong ways into which the people of India have been lead by the Congress, under the leadership of Mr. Gandhi. The Congress did a great service to the country so long as it followed the lines of critical cooperation and cooperative criticism towards the British Government, as laid down by Dadabhai Naoroji and Gokhale. But it took a wrong turn when it adopted wholesale the non-cooperation programme of Mr. Gandhi and assumed an attitude of open hostility towards Britain, and tried to infuse in the minds of the people a spirit of defiance of law and civil disobedience, more or less thinly veiled under a formula of truth and non-violence. Moreover, by 'Mahatamafying' Mr. Gandhi, it appealed to the idolatrous superstitions of the Hindus, thus converting the religious adherence of the Hindu section of the population of the Mahatama into political support of his non-cooperation programme. While this strategy was of some avail in hustling the British Government to yield more and more to the demands of Congress, it divided the people into Hindu and non-Hindu sections.

In these circumstances a man was needed to stand up to Congress and tell its leaders that their organization, however powerful numerically and financially, does not represent the whole of India.

I admire Mr. Jinnah and feel grateful to him because, in advocating the cause of the Muslims, he is championing the claims of all classes who stand the danger of being crushed under the stream roller of a [caste] Hindu majority, acting under the inspiration and order of Mr. Gandhi.

Birthday tribute paid to the Quaid in 1940, summing up the greatness of the latter's leadership
Hector Bolitho, Jinnah, pp. 133-4
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