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Safar 11, 1440

Days remaining to
Independence Day -
August 14

Pakistan Standard Time 9:35 am


Death of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Telegram from George C. Marshall, Secretary of State, U.S.A. to Mohammad Ali Zafrullah Khan, Foreign Minister, Pakistan: Sept. 12, 1948

Sir Mohammad Ali Zafrullah Khan,
Foreign Minister,
Government of Pakistan,
Karachi, Pakistan

May I extend to you and through you to the Government and people of Pakistan my deepest sympathy on the death of the Governor General of Pakistan.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah was a leader unique among men. Through the medium of his own faith and unswerving dedication to the cause to which he gave his life, he not only concieved and brought into being one of the great new nations of the world but stood at its helm during its initial difficult phases and brought it into cooperation with the rest of the world through the instrumentality of the United Nations.

Respected by all wo knew him, whether political friend or foe, for his deep personal integrity and honesty, Jinnah was also admired for his keen intellect and his personal charm. His education in India and abroad, his wide experience in the legal profession and in government and politics, his progressive and constructive contributions in all of these fields, won him a highly esteemed place among the elder statesmen not only of Asia but of the world.

The loss of Jinnah's guiding genius will be deeply felt, not only in his own country but throughout the family of nations. He has left to his followers and the future statesmen of Pakistan an example of energetic devotion to duty and ideals which will, I am confident, inspire the people of Pakistan to continue to play a contructive role in world affairs.

George C. Marshall


United Kingdom

In fact, politically Gandhi now carried little weight, but it was of the utmost importance that Mountbatten should have a close understanding and friendship with India's beloved prophet, and this, he succeeded in achieving. The other major politicians and statesmen, in turn, warmed to the aura of affection and goodwill and at the same time recognised Mountbatten's genuine love for their people. But the one man who could drive home the bolt and secure the lock of united India was Jinnah. 'Jinnah was the Muslim League' said Mountbatten. 'He held the future of India in his hands. I tried the same technique with him but it was almost impossible to warm him. He had only one dream and that was a separate Muslim state.

The Hindu leaders, trained by Gandhi, dropped him as of no use when the decisive moment arrived. The Quaid could not be budged - He wanted Pakistan, and he won it!

Mountbatten, Hero of Our Time, Weidenfels & Nicholson, London, 1980, p. 218
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