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Safar 10, 1440

Days remaining to
Independence Day -
August 14

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Calendar of Events

Date Event
1941, Jan 2 Issued a press statement on his interview with Dr. Wadhamumad Mukerjee, Professor of History, Lucknow University.
Jan 3 Addressing Muslim Progressive Society and Muslim Youth Majlis at Bombay, said "democracy and adult franchise in this country will mean a Hindu Raj."
Jan 4-21 Corresponded with Fazl-ul Haq on Muslim League's future policy.
Jan 13 In a message to Bohra students, Karachi, said, ."..we should emerge out from vague idealism and apply our minds to constructive program for the betterment of our people in every walk of life."
Jan 27 In reply to a question, advised Lucknow University students not to participate in strikes, protest meetings, or any activity directly or indirectly supporting Congress, whose demands were highly detrimental to vital interests of Muslim.
Feb 7 Deplored Congress and Hindu press for misrepresenting situation in Sind; stated that Congress and Hindu's Independent Party had managed to dominate the assembly and keep the Muslims divided and create disruption among them.
Feb 9 Calcutta Provincial/Presidency Muslim League Working Committee unanimously nominated him as President for ensuing All India Muslim League annual session at Madras.
Feb 10 Wrote to Sapru, in reply to his letter dated Feb 6, that he was always ready to come to terms on the Hindu-Muslim problem.
Feb 18 In a statement to press from Delhi, declared incorrect a report published in a Section of the press under the caption "Revised Pakistan Scheme Committee's Recommendation".
Feb 19 Wrote to Azad, in reply to his telegram received more than seven months ago on July 12, 1940: "I refuse to discuss with you by correspondence or otherwise, as you have completely forfeited the confidence of Muslim India. Can't you realize, you are made a Muslim 'show boy' Congress President to give it color that it is national and thus deceive foreign countries. You represent neither Muslim nor Hindu. The Congress is a Hindu body. If you have self-respect, resign at once. You have done your worst against the League so far. You know you have hopelessly failed. Give it up".

After consulting Sir Abdullah Haroon, President Sind President Muslim League, and other Sind Muslim League leaders declared the "Azad Pact" as a pure "myth" as it was signed by two individuals, namely G.M. Syed and Ayub Khuhro without consultation of the Sind Provincial/Presidency Muslim League.
Feb 22 Presided over All India Muslim League Working Committee meeting at Liaquat Ali Khan's residence.
Feb 23 Presided over the Muslim League Council meeting at Delhi; 114 Members were present, Council empowered all provincial and local All India Muslim League branches to implement the constructive program. Warned Government against any attempt to give concessions to the Indian National Congress, as the individual Satyagraha movement had been launched to pressurize the Government into conceding its demands. Requested Sind Government to suspend its Act, regarding introduction of joint electorates in the Sind Municipalities and other local bodies. Condemned police firing in Jubblepure on the Muharrum procession on Feb 9, and advised Muslim to place their case properly before the Inquiry Committee. Requested U.P. Government to release Maulana Usman, editor, Anjam, who was imprisoned for condemning Indian National Congress ideology. Elected President for the ensuing All India Muslim League session at Madras.
Mar 1 Asserted, in public meeting held by Punjab Muslim Students' Federation at Lahore, that Pakistan was the only solution of India's problem. Explained Muslim League policy, assured British Government of cooperation in War, notwithstanding Muslim League's grievances, provided responsible position was extended to Muslim League Representative in center and Province.
Mar 6 When expenditure on Education came for discussion during Assembly debate on General Budget, asked for results of this expenditure in terms of percentage of literacy himself gave certain literacy figures in Coorg.
Mar 10 Presided over All India Congress Committee Students' Union meeting; said that Pakistan is "the only goal if you want to save Islam from complete annihilation in this country"; praising Aligarh students said, "Aligarh is the arsenal of Muslim India and you are its soldiers."
Mar 14 Participated in discussion on Indian Finance Bill; asserted the position of his party.
Mar 17 Continued participation in debate on Indian Finance Bill; doubted Government's intentions on matters relating to Muslims, stated: "We believe in Pakistan."
Mar 23 Asking Muslims to celebrate Pakistan Day, maintained that social and cultural differences would not permit Hindus and Muslims to rule jointly.
Mar 24 In a Letter to Viceroy, informed him of All India Muslim League party decision to withdraw from the Assembly session during the Railway budget discussion as a protest; enclosed All India Muslim League Deputy Leaders statement embodying the conditions which necessitated the step; forwarded a memorandum regarding Muslim representation in Railway services.
Mar 25 In a meeting with Cripps, pleaded for Pakistan. When Cripps put forward his proposals that there should be a vote of the Legislature on a Resolution to join the Union and that if there were a majority of less than 60 percent, the minority should have the right to call for a plebiscite of the adult male population, Mohammad Ali Jinnah said that he thought a plebiscite was the only fair idea and that the only question was whether 40 per cent was the right figure to apply to the minority.
Mar 30 Addressed first Conference of Kanpur Muslim Students Federation, and City Muslim League, Kanpur.
Apr 1 Sent copy of All India Muslim League Working Committee Resolution to Viceroy.
Apr 12-15 Presided over All India Muslim League 28th session, Madras. In his presidential address during All India Muslim League's Second session on Apr 14, declared that since the fall of Mughal Empire, Muslim India was never so well organized, so alive, and so politically conscious as it was then; announced his determination to establish independent Muslim state; asserted that All India Muslim League would not submit to one constitution at All-India level and one Government at center. Amendment in constitution of the All India Muslim League making Lahore Resolution (of Mar 23, 1940) as the objective of the All India Muslim League was unanimously passed on Apr 15.
Apr 17 In a rejoinder to Rajendra Prasad, stated that principle of partition of India should be accepted before question details of Pakistan scheme.
Apr 18 Representatives of Justice Party, Madras, called on him and discussed with him possibilities of agreement with All India Muslim League for attainment of their common objectives.
Apr 19 Rajendra Prasad asked him, in a press statement, in what respect Pakistan would differ from existing Indian states end how it could protect Muslim minorities in respect of India.
May 1 Released to press his correspondence with Sir Taj Bahadur Sapru, in which he had suggested direct talks between him and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Sapru termed him an intractable leader.
May 4 Releasing his correspondence with Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Sapru appreciated Mohammad Ali Jinnah's willingness to meet with any Hindu Leader for direct talks, but regretted that he invited Leaders to talk with him in their capacity as Hindu's reps. Only, which Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi had objected to; hence the political deadlock Exposed, in a press statement, the real objects and designs of the so called non-party Leaders' Conference presided over by Sapru, which was but a "flanking movement" to Secure Hindu dominion at the censer under another name, as also the force and wire-pullers working behind the scenes.
May 5 His statement; on Bombay Conference was severely criticized by K. Srinivasa and Taj Bahadur Sapru in separate press statements.
May 13 Wrote to Sir Abdullah Haroon that he was satisfied with what he was doing along with G.M. Syed and others, for organizing Muslims of Sind on the All India Muslim League Platform.
May 17 Told President of Mysore All India Muslim League, in an interview, that States had nothing to do with All India Muslim League's objective of Pakistan.
May 26 Advised Mysore Students' Union, in a message, to maintain independent judgment and be ware of misleading slogans.
Jun Visited Mysore State and addressed public meetings.
Jun 8 Advised Muslims to be careful in selecting their leaders, at a reception in Bangalore.
Jun 14 In a letter, thanked the Nizam of Hyderabad for his equires about Mohammed Ali Jinnah's health; feared that points raised in his letter required further discussions; hoped that he might visit Hyderabad (Deccan) on a professional engagement, and discuss the matters further; expressed confidence that in the mean time neither Bahadur Yar Jung nor he (Nizam of Hyderabad (Deccan) should precipitate actions likely to disturb the status quo.
Jun 21 In reply to Zauqi's letter of 3 June, wrote: ."...I entirely agree with you that the Seerat (Committee) and the Khaksars should work as Member of the All India Muslim League under one nag and one platform".
Jul 7 In a telegram to H.S. Suhrawardy, Finance Minister, Bengal, expressed deep concern on cyclone disaster in Bengal. Appealed Government to compensate for loss of the sufferers.
Jul 17 Replied Sir Mirza Ismail's letter of July 14 on correspondence between Sir Ibrahim Rahimtoola and Mirza Ismail, on the position of All India Muslim League.
Jul 21 Wrote confidential letter to Gov. of Bombay in reply to latter communication dated July 20.
Jul 22 Both Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi disapproved of expansion in Viceroy's Executive Council and National Defense Council, announced by Government communiqué from Simla.
Jul 26 Wrote to Major W. H. Gardinar deploring Viceroy's conduct in canvassing Muslim Premiers and other Muslim Leaguers. Said: "I feel that the Viceroy's conduct in approaching them behind the back of the leader and the Executive was most deplorable".
Jul 28 Issued statement from Bombay on British policy and Sapru Conference.
Jul 30 Threatened disciplinary action against six All India Muslim League members who joined Viceroy's expanded Council, and National Defense Council. Wrote to Nawab of Chattari, informing him of the decision to take disciplinary action against him, (Nawab) for joining the National Defense Council.
Aug 9 Wrote foreword to Iqbal Aur Siaysiyat.
Aug 17 Defended against the charges leveled against him by Fazl-ul- Haq.
Aug 24 Addressing All India Muslim League Working Committee at Bombay called upon Sikandar Hayat Khan (Punjab), Fazl-ul Haq (Bengal), and Saadullah Khan (Assam) to resign from membership of National Defense Council.
Aug 27 Explained, in a, press Conference, implications of certain Resolution passed by All India Muslim League Working Committee Wrote letter to Abdus Sattar Khairi, thanking him for his various suggestions.
Aug 28 In a rejoinder to Government communiqué issued from Simla on Aug 27, asserted that explanation given on behalf of the Viceroy on recent decision of All India Muslim League Working Committee and withdrawal of Sikandar Hayat Khan from the National Defense Council was contrary to the basic causes of his resignation, because the Viceroy had appointed Sikandar Hayat as Representative of Muslim community.
Sep 11 Presided over All India Muslim League Working Committee meeting which noted with satisfaction the resignations of Premiers of the Punjab, Bengal and Assam, from National Defense Council. Also issued a press statement, stating that no further action was necessary after the resignations of the Muslim Member from the Viceroy's National Defense Council.
Sep 17 In a Letter to him, Nizam of Hyderabad felt relieved on satisfactory settlement of Bahadur Yar Jung's case in respect of the latter objectionable speeches in Hyderabad (Deccan).
Sep 19 In a message to Pakistan Conference convened by Bengal Muslim Students at Calcutta declared that faith, unity and discipline was their motto, and they upheld equality of mankind, justice, freedom and peace.
Sep 20 Bengal Muslim Students' Pakistan Conference passed Resolution in support of Pakistan.
Sep 21 Replied to Nawab Bahadur Yar Jung's letter of 2 Sept, All India Muslim League position on expansion of Viceroy's Council and constitution of National Defense Council.
Oct 1 Wrote to Khan Bahadur M.A. Khuhro on the need for unity among Muslim, of Sind whom the Hindu always tried to divide.
Oct 3 Wrote to Khaliquzzaman on ensuing League Council meeting and other party matters.
Oct 11 Expressed his satisfaction, in a letter to Ahmad Hasan, that an English weekly, Dawn, had been founded in Delhi to espouse the Muslim cause.
Oct 21 In Eid message from Bombay, appealed Muslims to reaffirm their resolve to sacrifice everything for the promotion of Mulsim nationality and individual life in every sphere and for the achievement of Pakistan.
Oct 23 Declared at a public meeting in New Delhi, that Muslims of British India had only one aim, that of achieving Pakistan.
Oct 26 Presiding over All India Muslim League Council meeting at New Delhi, criticized National Defense Council and expansion of Viceroy's Executive Council.
Oct 26-27 Presided over All India Muslim League Working Committee meeting at Delhi; among other matters, considered Fazl-ul Haq's Letters to the Secretary (Sep 8, Oct 27) and called upon Haq to "withdraw these allegations and express his regrets for having cast these aspersions within ten days from the date of the receipt of the intimation of this Resolution."
Oct 28 Presided over Conference of all President and Secretary of Provincial / Presidency Muslim League branches.
Nov 1 Arrived at Aligarh, along with Miss Fatima Jinnah. In his address to the Aligarh All India Muslim League Conference. inter alia, said that Pakistan was no longer a "theory" confined to the Muslim intelligentsia, but that it had thoroughly infiltrated into the minds of the Muslim masses.
Nov 2 Chief guest at a meeting of MSU, Aligarh University.
Nov 26 In a Letter to Khaliquzzaman expressed his sympathies with U.P.Muslims, and confirmed his arrival in Lucknow on Nov 29.
Nov 27-28 Wrote two letters to Khaliquzzaman on party matters.
Dec 5 Congratulated Bengal Muslim League, in a press statement, for electing Khwaja Nazimuddin as its President.
Dec 8 Agreed with Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani to hold ensuing All India Muslim League session at Assam also asked for a suitable time and place for the meeting.
Dec 11 Explained, in a press statement, reasons for Fazl-ul Haq's expulsion from All India Muslim League.
Dec 13 Informed M.A.H. Isphahani that he was appointed Member, All India Muslim League Working Committee , in place of Fazl-ul Haq.
Dec 17 Issued statement to press on India's role in World War II.
Dec 24 Explained, in a statement to News Chronicle, the difference in the respective stance of the Muslim League and Congress. Expressed confidence that any act of Government against interacts of Muslim would be resented.
Dec 26 Delivering his presidential address at fifth annual session of All India Muslim Students Federation at Nagpur, criticized attitude of Congress and Hindu Mahasabha towards the Muslim League.
Dec 27 Said, in a press statement, that The British India is a "constellation of nations".
Dec 28 In his concluding speech at the All India Muslim Students Federation session, advised the students to be always ready "to make any sacrifices" that was demanded from them for the achievement of their goal "Pakistan."
Secretary General, Arab League


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