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Safar 10, 1440

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Independence Day -
August 14

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Calendar of Events

Date Event
1931, Jan 2 Spoke on system and procedure of election to Federation/Federal Legislature, at Franchise Committee meeting, Round Table Conference opposed the suggestions made by Lord Reading.
Jan 4 Death of Maulana Mohammed Ali, the Khilafatist leader and Round Table Conference delegate, in London, at 9.30 a.m. He had reportedly worked till midnight revising his last appeal to Hindu and Muslim to bury all differences and work out a settlement. All British Indian delegates to Round Table Conference called at hotel to pay last respects to their colleague whose death, all agreed, was a great loss to India.
Jan 5 Specking on the constitutional issue, in FSSC, Round Table Conference, said that Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms were "inadequate, unsatisfactory and unworkable".
Jan 7 Participated in the discussion on Indianization of army in Defense Sub-Committee, Round Table Conference.

In FSSC meeting spoke on powers and responsibilities on Federation / Federal Executive Also participated in deliberations of Defense Sub-Committee meeting.
Jan 9 At the Defense Sub-Committee meeting, emphasized that some definite policy be laid down with regard to the pace of Indianization of the Indian Army.
Jan 10-11 He and Mian Mohammed Shafi made a "firm declaration" that the Muslim did not want responsibility at the Center unless it was accompanied by the adequate expression of safeguards for Muslim leaders who saw Prime Minister on Jan 13 endorsed their stand.
Jan 12 Spoke on and supported the separation of Sindh from Bombay, in the meeting of Sindh sub-Committee Said "But for all practical purposes Sindh is separately administered.... It has got a Chief Court and Judicial Commission's Court ".
Jan 13 At FSSC meeting, said that the Hindu -Muslim settlement was a must for solving the problem of future constitution.

Called on Ramsay Mac Donald, along with Aga Khan and Shafi, to warn him that Muslim delegates would dissociate themselves from the findings of the Conference if his statement of the Government policy did not announce satisfactory safeguards for the Muslim community.
Jan 14 Participated in Defense Sub-committee meeting.

Rejecting the Government offer for him to accept a Provincial Governorship, made it clear to Ramsay Mac Donald that his services were not available for sale; attributed the offer as "an attempt to bribe him".
Jan 15 Participated in discussion on FSSC Report in some cases his point of view was accepted by the Committee.
Jan 16 Discussing clause 14 of the FSSC Report disagreed with Mian Shafi that it was not in the interest of Muslim.

Participated in deliberations at 3rd meeting of Committee of the Whole Conference to consider recommendations of Burma Sub-Committee which had recommended separation of Burma from rest of India; opposed it on the ground that Burma should be separated only if people of the Burma so desired.

Pleaded for Reforms to satisfy people of Northwest Frontier Province.

Participated in deliberations of Defense Sub-Committee, which accepted his views on the pace of Indianization of Army.
Jan 19 On his persuasion, Round Table Conference opted for providing adequate safeguards for Muslim and other minorities in the constitution.
Jan 20 In a private letter, the Aga Khan, from Paris, commenting on Jinnah's decision to stay at London, said "I have been thinking that if you do there will be a chance, at least, of meeting the greatest need in England of the Muslim of India, namely a gentle man of first class social and political position resident in Great Britain, who can become their non-official but nonetheless real head and Representative to use a big word, which I hate to do, but it best meets the case, a non-official ambassador in Great Britain".
Jan 31 Commenting on British Parliament/Parliamentary debate on the Indian political situation said it was devoid of reality and full of verbosity.
Feb 2 In an interview to Reuters, said he intended to stay on in England indefinitely, to practice in the Privy Council, and to enter the Parliament/Parliamentary to serve India because he thought that during the next year India's battle would be fought in London and that he would be more useful there.
Feb 11 In a letter, Shafaat Ahmad Khan requested him to rescind his decision to stay on at London, because "at a time when every thing in India is in a melting-pot you are needed at the helm. You must come over, and would policy and program".
Feb 17 In an interview to the resident Representative of Hindustan Times (Delhi) in London, said he was totally disappointed about the setting up of the Federation/Federal.
Mar 6 Commenting on Gandhi-Irwin Pact in an interview said, "If this is all that Mr. G wanted, he might have come to the Round Table Conference, when invited. However better late than never. I am glad he is prepared now to contribute to the constitutional advance of India. He will be rendering better service than he has ever done to India, if he now applies his mind to the settlement of the Hindu -Muslim question".
Mar 17 In a letter, E.C. Mieville, Private Secretary to Lord Wellington, informed J that the Viceroy "would be so pleased to see you at 10.30 a.m. on Sat. next Mar 21st" at his home on Abbey Road, N.W.8.
Mar 21 Aga Khan wrote him to plead case of Northwest Frontier Province's parity with other province, in Round Table Conference.

Met Lord Wellington at his residence in London, before his departure to India as Viceroy. The meeting was considered a social get-together.
Mar 25 Predicted, in a letter to Abdul Matin Chowdhry, that in "next two or three years London will be the most important scene of Indian drama of constitutional reforms".
Mar Pleaded with the Viceroy that India should be allowed to converse with Great Britain on terms of equality.
Apr 18 Lord Wellington replaced Lord Irwin as Viceroy.
Jun Decided to settle down in England, due to disappointing Indian political situation; bought a house on West Heath Road, London, from Lady Graham Wood.
Jun 6 Delivered a speech at the first meeting of the Cambridge Muslim Association in England. Dwelt upon providing constitutional safeguards to Muslim culture and traditions.
Jun 7 Met Muslim students at a tea party at St. John's College, and expressed his apprehensions about Hindu intentions for Muslim.
Jul 31 Interviewed on his return to Bombay from London, said that the most critical question was: "Can India put up a united front at the Round Table Conference when it reassembles in Sep? On that depends our success or failure. The key to India's freedom lies in the obvious direction of a Hindu-Muslim settlement".Interviewed on his return to Bombay from London, said that the most critical question was: "Can India put up a united front at the Round Table Conference when it reassembles in Sep? On that depends our success or failure. The key to India's freedom lies in the obvious direction of a Hindu-Muslim settlement".
Aug 3 Met Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in Bombay. Assault on Bombay nationalist Muslim leaders at J. Peoples Hall in the Congress House Compound.
Aug 8 Annual Conference of Jamiat-ul-Ularna-i-Hind met at Allahabad, under the presidentship of Hasrat Mohani.
Aug 8-9 U.P. Muslim Conference met at Allahabad under the Presidentship of Shaukat Ali. Addressing the Conference on 9 Aug. Mohammad Ali Jinnah said "The first thing that I wish to tell you is that it is now absolutely essential and vital that Muslim should stand united.... I urge this most vehemently and I pleaded to the best of my ability before Dr. Ansari, T. A. K. Sherwani, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and Dr. Syed Muhammad." Appealed for fair play between the two communities and for Hindu conceding the Muslim majority in Punjab and Bengal. Although he preferred a settlement on the basis of joint electorate if the Punjab and Bengal were considered, he would "rather have a settlement even on the footing of separate electorate, hoping and trusting that when we work out new constitution and when both Hindu and Muslim get rid of distrust, suspicion and fears and when they get their freedom, we would rise to the occasion and probably separate electorate will go sooner than most of us think".

Addressing Allahabad University students under the auspices of the Hindu Boarding House Literary Union, advised them not to take part under any circumstances in any communal disturbances and to cultivate friendship among themselves since "the salvation of the country lay in a communal settlement and Hindu and Muslim had to live together".
Aug 9 Left Allahabad for Lucknow. Informed a press Representative that he had tendered his resignation from the member ship of the Indian Legislative Assembly as soon as he arrived at Bombay after consulting the leading members of his constituency because he was of the opinion that for the next two or three years, London was going to be the center of gravity. Said "India's problem will have to be fought out on the floor of the House of Parliament/Parliamentary and until the new constitution come into force, the Government here will merely be marking time".
Aug 11 In an address at Lucknow University Senate Hall explained as to why the Muslim opted for separate electorates; dealt at length on the Hindu-Muslim problem.
Sep Took possession of his West Heath Road house.
Sep 4-5 Speaking at an "At Home" given in his honour by Muslim Students Union, Bombay, said "the new constitution should provide for reasonable guarantees to Muslim; if they are not provided, the new constitution is sure to break down."
Sep 10 On the eve of his departure for England to attend the Second Round Table Conference, described Hindu attitude as "foolish" and asserted that India could not progress without satisfying Muslim demands. Said, "I am an Indian first and a Muslim afterwards and I agree that no Indian can serve his country if he neglects the interests of Muslim, because it is by encouraging them that you will be able to serve your country".
Sep 21 At the 26th meeting of FSSC, spoke on distribution of powers between Lower and Upper Houses of the proposed Indian legislature.
Sep 22 Pleaded for maintaining bicameral legislature in India, due to the special religion-political circumstances in the country, in the 27th meeting of FSSC.
Sep 24 Disagreed with Sapru's viewpoint that the interests of Indian princes should be given weightage in Indian Constitution, in 29th meeting of FSSC.
Oct 1 Muslim Delegates to Round Table Conference met with Representative peers, and members of House of Commons in Committee room of the Commons under Viscount Brantford. Shaf1 put forth the Muslim viewpoint and said, "the Muslim ought not to be deprived of their right of separate elections until they voluntarily surrendered it". Shaukat Ali declared that "Muslim would stretch every fiber for peace which would include all Sections of India and that if Manuscript' faith was untouched they would find Muslim honest and they would stand by Britain through thick and thin".
Oct 5 Was particularly asked by Chairman, FSSC, to give his opinion on adjourning Committee meeting till Oct 9.
Oct 14 Spoke against Sapru's views on Federation / Federal Finance, in the 34th meeting of FSSC; Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi tried to refute his arguments but in vain. Afterwards had a meeting with Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
Oct 20 Discussed, in 37th meeting of FSSC, the distribution of financial resources between the Federation / Federal and its 1,nitc.

Also participated in discussion on the Federation / Federal Court.
Oct 21-22 At FSSC's 38th meeting, continued discussion on the Federation/Federal Court disagreed with Sapru's views.
Oct 22 In an interview, refuted the statement attributed to him in respect of his criticism of the extremist Hindu stance. Said what he had said was that "Those Hindu who were coming in the way of settlement were ill advised and extremely foolish"; that he was not wrong in saying that since Sir Chimanlal Setalvad himself had used much stronger language against those Hindu whom he had characterized as of Hindu Mahasabha mentality. Further clarified his position, saying, "Had I not had faith in the better minds of Hindu, I would cease talking about settlement".
Oct 23 Disagreed with Sir Zafrullah Khan's and Mian Mohammed Shafi's views on Federation / Federal Court, in 40th meeting of FSSC.
Oct 25 In an interview to Reuters, said any provisional constitution forced on eighty million Muslim would not last long.
Oct 26 Advocated the idea of an independent judiciary while discussing "The Federation / Federal Court" at the 41st meeting of FSSC.
Oct 27 Attended the 42nd meeting of FSSC which continued discussion on powers and composition of the Federation / Federal Court.
Oct 28 Attended 43rd meeting of FSSC, which discussed composition of Federation/Federal and Provincial legislatures.
Nov 2 In the 44th meeting of FSSC which discussed the third draft report, said that the constitution should be very specific on every matter, that even powers of the judges should be clearly defined. Expressed his disapproval of various Federation / Federal matters as incorporated in the draft.
Nov 4 Suggested at the 45th meeting of FSSC that "disputes that may arise between a subject and a State, relating to the constitution or arising out of or under the constitution, must be decided by the Federation / Federal Court and not the provincial Courts".
Nov 5 Attended the party hosted by the King Emperor for the Round Table Conference delegates at Buckingham Palace.
Nov 15 In a Resolution, All India Muslim League Council fully approved and appreciated the attitude taken up by him and other Muslim delegates to the Round Table Conference, and hoped that they would show the same firmness and unanimity regarding Muslim demands during the further stages of the Conference.

In a Resolution, Muslim League Council reaffirmed Muslim demands embodied in his Fourteen Points and emphasized that no constitution in India would be workable unless it guaranteed the full protection of Muslim rights and interests.
Nov 16 Discussing future procedure of constitution at 46th meeting of FSSC said on behalf of Muslim delegation: "Until and unless the Muslim demands and the safeguards are incorporated in the constitution it will not be acceptable to us."
Nov 17 Participated in discussion on Federation / Federal subjects, in the 47th meeting of FSSC.
Nov 18 Participated in discussion on composition of Federation / Federal Cabinet, in the 48th meeting of FSSC.
Nov 19 Attended 49th meeting of FSSC.
Nov 25 Attended 51st meeting of FSSC.
Nov 26 At the 52nd meeting of FSSC said: "Unless you provide safeguards for the Muslim that will give them a complete sense of Security and a feeling of confidence in the future constitution of the Government of India, and unless you Secure their cooperation and willing consent, no constitution that you frame for India will work for 24 hours".
Nov 27 At the conclusion of discussion on the 4th draft report in the 53rd meeting of FSSC, charged the Committee Chairman of adopting a pro-Hindu attitude his clash with FSSC Chairman was fore cast earlier.

Abstained from participating in future Round Table Conference deliberations. Informed the authorities of his decision to settle down in England.
Dec 5 Attended a dinner at West End hosted by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
Dec 9 In a letter, H.B. Edward returned him the copy of his statement on the Prime Minister's Declaration, which he gave Edward the previous week, and apologized for the delay.


When you talk of democracy, you are thoroughly dishonest, when you talk of democracy you mean Hindu Raj to dominate over the Muslims, a totally different nation, different in culture, different in everything. You yourself are working for Hindu nationalism and Hindu Raj. We learned democracy 1300 years ago. It is in our blood, and it is as far away from Hindu society as are the Arctic regions. It is we who have learned the lesson of equality and brotherhood of man. Amongst you, one caste will not take a cup of water from other. We are for democracy. But not the democracy of your conception which will turn the whole of India into a Gandhi Asharam.

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