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Dhu'l-Hijjah 7, 1439

Days remaining to
Independence Day -
August 14

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Calendar of Events

Date Event
1917, Jan 25 At his request, Curtis, who had prepared a scheme to counter the Lucknow Pact, met the Bombay political caucus comprising about 70 politicians for two hours to discuss the implications of the Luckow demands.
Feb 21 Welcoming Indian Defence Force Bill, said in Council that Indians should be appointed officers in armed forces. Spoke in the council on Resolution regarding amendment in the Rules under the Defence of India Act, 1915.
Feb 22 Spoke in Council on Resolution regarding appointment of a Government for the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh.
Feb 28 Supported in ILC, the Resolution on compulsory primary education.
Mar 20 Spoke on Royal Commission on Public Service and on University of Dacca, in ILC.
Mar 23 Spoke on Imperial Budget 1917-18, in ILC. Exhorted for equality between Indians and Europeans.
May 6 Nominated by All India Muslim League Council on the deputation to London to work with Indian National Congress for the introduction of Reforms in the light of Lucknow Pact.
Jun 16 Upon Annie Besant's internment by Madras Government, he along with LT. Sapru, Motilal Nehru, Congress .R. Das and Chintamani joined Home Rule League and brought the whole legal profession in Bombay into its fold. Others who joined included D. N. Bahadurji, Bhulabhai Desai, Jayakar, K.M. Munshi and B.G. Horniman, became President of Home Rule League Bombay Branch.
Jul 3 Presided over a public meeting convened by the Bombay President Association and protested against the internment of Besant and her co-workers.

Wazir Hasan informed him that All India Muslim League could not hold a meeting during Ramzan and said that Malaviya had agreed for holding the proposed joint Indian National Congress and All India Muslim League meeting on Jul 22 at Bombay.
Jul 16 Presided over in Home Rule League's public meeting at Morarji Gokaldas Hall Bombay to declare confidence in Lord Hardinge the former Viceroy (1910-16). Expressed dissatisfaction with Chelmsford's policy in regard to Defence of India Act. Horniman while proposing a vote of thanks to the chair said "Mohammed Ali Jinnah was a standing example in Bombay and in the whole of India, a man who had done his duty and who, they all believed, would always do it".
Jul 28 Presided over a joint meeting of All India Muslim League Council and Indian National Congress Committee at Bombay to work for release of the HR internees.
Jul 29 Presided over public meeting of Home Rule League Bombay in which Tilak and Annie Besant spoke on grant of HR for India.
Jul 30 Presided over Bombay President Association public meeting to protest against government policies.
Aug (First week) Presided over a public meeting in Bombay on HR issue.
Aug 20 Secretary of state Edwin Montagu made a declaration in the British Parliament/Parliamentary promising, "increasing Association of Indians in every branch of the Admn, and the gradual development of self-government institutions with a view to the progressive realization of responsible government in India as an integral part of the British Empire.
Aug 25, 27-28 Attended meetings of the Regulation Committee, All India Congress Committee.
Sep 10 After meeting Ali Brothers at Chindwara, Raja of Mahmudabad wired Mohammed Ali Jinnah regarding their release from prison for which both Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Raja Mahmudabad were endeavoring.
Sep 13 Speaking in ILC opposed the Resolution moved by Mian Muhammad Shafi which called for the assimilation of the legislative and administrative system in Punjab with that of the Provinces of Bihar and Orissa.
Sep 19 Speaking on Indian Transfer of Ships Restriction Bill in ILC, moved an amendment that all the Indians should also be considered as British subjects.
Sep 20 Spoke on the proportion of British officers in Indian Civil Service and the Police Department Resolution in ILC.
Sep 21 Speaking in ILC, pleaded that Indian Civil Service examinations be held simultaneously in India and London to enable greater number of Indians to participate. Maintained that "the survival of the fittest" should be the rule for recruiting, and no community should be favored unduly.
Sep 24 Supported Resolution in ILC, for fixing fifty per cent quota for Indians in Indian Civil Service.
Sep 25 Moved a Resolution which called for the appointment of a mixed Committee to examine the working of the Indian Railways Act 1890. The Resolution was later withdrawn.
Sep 26 Asked question in ILC regarding the release of the Ali Brothers.
Sep In a president's interview in Simla, pleaded for the introduction of constitutional reforms in the light of Memorandum of 19 All India Muslim League Council members and Lucknow Pact.
Oct 5 Attended All India Muslim League Council meeting Allahabad, presided over by Raja Sahib of Mahmudabad.
Oct 6 Attended the All India Muslim League Council and All India Congress Committee joint session in which joint action for Home Rule was proposed and a Resolution was passed for the release of Mohammed Ali. Appointed on the All India deputation to secretary of state, which was to submit a representation in support of the Indian National Congress and Muslim League reforms scheme.
Oct Attended Home Rule League public meeting, Allahabad. Declared that he joined Home Rule All India Muslim League for attaining self-government for India.
Nov Met Montagu who later confessed to having been impressed by his "dialectics". Spoke on "The Present European Agitation" at a Bombay Home Rule League public meeting, at Shantaram's Chawl, Bombay.
Nov 3 Addressing a Home Rule League public meeting in Bombay; urged cooperation between Hindu and Muslim and said that "there should be no extremists or moderates but all true nationalists to constantly endeavor, by all constitutional means, to attain the goal".
Nov 4 At the instance of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who chaired the Gujrati Political Conference at Godhra, moved a Resolution welcoming Montagu's forthcoming visit and pleading for the acceptance of the Indian National Congress and All India Muslim League scheme of reforms as the first installment of HMO's policy, announced recently by the Secretary of State; Later, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi thanked him for moving the Resolution in Gujrati.
Nov 16 Presided over a public meeting at Bombay. Referring to Lord Sydenham's statement that "As soon as the masses, for whom we are the trustees, are fit for self-government, we shall instantly hand over the government to the people"; retorted that "when the masses are fit for self-government, they will not go to Lord Sydenham for self-government".
Dec 29-30 Seconded Resolution on Self-government, moved by Banerjea at the Indian National Congress Calcutta session; later elected member of All India Congress Committee.
Dec 30 Attended a party given in his honor by C.R. Das, at Orient Club, which was also attended by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.


You are not rulers. You do not belong to the ruling class; you belong to the servants. Make the people feel that you are their servants and friends, maintain the highest standard of honour, integrity, justice and fair-play.

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