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Dhu'l-Hijjah 7, 1439

Days remaining to
Independence Day -
August 14

Pakistan Standard Time 5:48 am


Calendar of Events

Date Event
1913, Jan 3 His first term as member of ILC ended; did not seek re-election because of certain misunderstanding caused by his independent stand on Basu's Marriage Bill
Jan 11 Notification issued on Viceroy's orders, nominating him as an additional Member of the ILC in response to pleas by Muslim leaders and in the president, so as to enable him to see the Wakf Bill through the Council, after its return from the Home Government and review by the select committee
Feb 7 On expiry of previous term, nominated additional member of Imperial Council to pilot Muslim Wakf Validating Bill
Feb 13 In his inaugural address at the Muslim Student's Union Bombay, told them that it might be easy to form an Association but that it was not always easy to make it an effective body; emphasized the need for discipline, self-reliance, mutual cooperation and unity
Feb 17 Moved Resolution in the ILC that Muslim Wakf Validating Bill be referred to a select committee to consider the "Various criticism and opinions which have come from different parts of the country from different associations and leading men"
Feb 25 Moved an amendment in ILC to Indian Extradition (Amendment) Bill. Presented Report of Select Committee on Muslim Wakf Validating Bill
Feb 26 Received from Sir Wazir Hasan, powerful Secretary of All India Muslim League, the draft Resolution due to be discussed at the Lucknow session (1913) with the request "to go through them and please let me know the results"
Mar 1 Opposed Indian Extradition (Amendment) Bill moved by Home member J.L.Jenkins. in ILC
Mar 5 Moved that the select Committee Report on Muslim Wakf Validating Bill be adopted. Bill passed; the second private bill moved by an Indian and the first one by a Muslim
Mar 8-9 Returned to Bombay
Mar 11 Appeared as witness before the Public Service Commission in Bombay and pleaded for Indian interests
Mar 23 In a Resolution the All India Muslim League session "especially" congratulated him for his "skillful piloting" of the Wakf Bill through the ILC
May 21 Suggested in a letter to Syed Wazir Hasan, Secretary of All India Muslim League, that in order to bring about Hindu Muslim unity, a conference of prominent leaders of the two communities should be called and that instead of establishing separate schools for Hindu and Muslim there should be two separate branches of one school, one for Hindu and other for Muslim and that students of the two communities should be brought into friendly contact with each other as often as possible
May-Jun Sailed for England along with Gokhale to spend vacations and stayed in England for about four months
Jun 28 In a public meeting of Indian students at Caxton Hall, Westminster, London, moved a Resolution for the establishment of a Central Association; said that the Indian students in the U.K. had resolved to form a central society to be called the London Indian Association. Enumerated its aims and objects. H. N. Lall presided
Jul 14 Attended fifth annual meeting of London All India Muslim League under the Aga Khan's presidentship, which adopted a resulation to enlist his support to improve relations between the various communities in India
Jul 19 Attended a reception for visiting Indian leaders at the Indian Social Club, London
Oct 10 Enrolled as Member of All India Muslim League at the instance of Maulana Mohammad Ali and Wazir Hasan who respectively proposed and seconded him: (Another application form of 20 Nov. 1913 filled at Bombay shows Wazir Hasan as the proposer and Maulana Mohammad Ali as the seconder)
Oct Returned to India from England along with Gokhale
Dec 20 Presided over a public meeting of Anjuman-i-Zia-ul-Islam to welcome Maulana Mohammed Ali and Syed Wazir Hasan on their return from England where they had gone in connection with the Cawnpore Mosque case
Dec 27 At the Indian National Congress Karachi session spoke and moved a resulation on Council of India Reform which inter alia, proposed that the Council's function be advisory and not administrative and that the Secretary of State be "placed on the English estimates"
Dec 30-31 Attended seventh All India Muslim League session at Agra at Moulvi Rafiuddin's residence for the extension of separate electorates to autonomous public bodies; supported Maulana Mohammed Ali's proposals that the resulation be postponed for a year saying that if this question is pressed, "You will get the shadow not the substance". Moved resolution to reform India Council of Secretary of State for India which was passed


It is always easy to criticize, it is always easy to go on fault-finding, but people forget the things that are being done and are going to be done for them, and generally they take those for granted without even realizing as to what trials, tribulations, difficulties and dangers we had to face at the birth of Pakistan.

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