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Safar 10, 1440

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August 14

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Calendar of Events

1901 - 1910
Date Event
1901 Rejoined the legal profession, with the ultimate ambition to earn Rs. 1,500 a day
1902, Apr 17 His father, Jinnah Poonja, died in Bombay
No date Took the membership of the Orient Club at Bombay
1903 Joined Municipal Corp., Bombay, as Legal Adviser; wrote to Lord Curzon regarding the memorial of Maharaja of Patiala
1904, Feb 17 Filed his nomination papers to become a Member of Bombay Corp.
Mar 10 Elected to Bombay Corp. as one of the 16 elected members, out of its over 400 mostly nominated member
Jul 28 Attended the meeting of Indian National Congress Reception Committee in Bombay
1905, Apr 12 Attended a meeting organized by the Bombay President Association
May 2 Nominated as Representative of the Bombay President Association, along with Gokhale, to the forthcoming Congress deputation to England to plead the Indian case before the British electorate, the Parliament/Parliamentary candidates and political leaders during the upcoming elections
Dec Shifted to the Second floor of a two storeyed building at Kolaba, Bombay
1906, Mar Resigned from membership of Bombay Corp.
Sep - Oct Attended a meeting of Bombay President Association, presided over by Sir Firoz Shah Mehta, which discussed the proposal to build a memorial to honor Justice Badruddin Tyabji at Bombay
Oct As Member of Bombay President Association, signed its Memorandum to Lord Minto, opposing separate electorates
Oct 9-10 Spoke at a public meeting to condole the death of Badruddin Tyabji, W.C. Bonnerjee and A. M. Bose
Dec 11 Elected as delegate to Congress from Bombay, by the Bombay President Association
Dec 26-29 Served as Private Secretary to Dadabhai Naoroji, President Indian National Congress , Calcutta Session
Dec 27 Spoke on Wakf alal-Aulad Resolution moved by Khan Bahadur Moulvi Mohammed Yusuf at Calcutta
Dec 28 Spoke on A. Chaudhuri's Resolution on self-government.; his first reported political speech
Dec 30-31 All India Muslim League founded at Dacca session of the Muhammadan Educational Conference
1907, Jan 8 Elected vice-president of the Indian Muslim Association, formed at a meeting at Calcutta, to work in cooperation with other communities for the political and economic advancement of the Indian people as well as to ventilate special grievances of the Muslim community and to safeguard their interests
Feb Elected Member Executive Committee, Anjuman-i-Ziaul-Islam, Bombay; established contact with Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar in various Anjuman's meetings
Mar Served as the head of the petition counsel on behalf of Mehta, Rao Bahadur Nagardas Narottamdas Nanavati, Sir Balchandra Krishan, Messrs. Jehangir Bomanji Petit and Hormusji Ardeshir Wadia in the suits filed at the Small Causes Court against rigging in the Bombay Corp. election on February 20
Oct 8 Attended meeting of Anjuman-i-Zia-ul-Islam
Oct 14 Buddha Jubilee meeting at Bombay decided to include his name among the speakers at one of its functions
Nov 10 Attended a meeting of the Central Standing Committee of the Indian National Congress under Mehta's Chairmanship in Bombay, to decide upon the venue of the next Indian National Congress session
Nov 29 Attended meeting of Bombay President Association given in honor of a British Member of Parliament
Dec 9 Attended All India Congress Committee meeting at Bombay which decided to hold the annual session at Surat
Dec 26-27 Attended Surat Congress where it was split between the Moderates and the Extremists
Dec 28-29 Appointed as legal expert on a Committee set up by the Moderates to draft new rules for the party on the lines of the self-government
1908, Jun 24 Pleaded in the Bombay HC for the release of Bal Gangadhar Tilak, who was being prosecuted for writing certain "objectionable articles in the Kesari"
Jul 1 Filed a bail application on Tilak's behalf at the Bombay before Justice Daver
Jul (early) Gave a talk on "The Indians in Transvaal" before a well attended meeting at the Anjuman-i-lslam Hall, Bombay
Jul (mid) Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi revealed that there was a suggestion to invite Mohammed Ali Jinnah to join the Indian campaign in Transvaal
Dec Became Member, Subjects Committee. and All India Congress Committee. Attended Madras Congress , where, speaking on the reforms proposals "from the Mohammedan point of view", thanked Morley for his labors in connection with the reforms
Dec 29 In a brief speech, supported Surendranath Banerjea's Resolution on Reform proposals, at the Madras Indian National Congress Session elected as member of All India Congress Committee
1909, Aug 1 Attended a large public meeting of the Anjuman-i-Zia-ul-Islam moved; Resolution calling for consulting the Muslim leaders, in creation of constituencies for Muslim separate electorates
1910, Jan 4 Elected to Council of the Governor General (ILC) by nonofficial members of Bombay Council for the seat reserved for Muslim of Bombay
Jan 25 Took oath of office as Additional Member ILC
Feb 8 Sided with Gokhale's amendment on Press Bill, in the Council
Feb 25 Asked question about British Government's stand on the position of Muslim Wakf Law. Supported Gokhale's Resolution on Indentured Labor for Natal. During his speech clashed with Lord Minto, the Viceroy
Mar 23 Spoke on the need for a Polytechnic College, in Council
Jun Attended farewell party given in Bombay by Khwaja Yusaf Shah in honour of Justice Shah Din
Aug Contributed Rs.100 towards fund for Indians in Transvaal
Dec 26-29 Attended Allahabad Congress session; moved Resolution deprecating the "extension or application of the principle of separate communal electorates to Municipalities, District Boards or other local bodies"; stressed that the Resolution embodied only his "personal views" and was not based on a "mandate from the Muslim Community" for moving the Resolution
Secretary of Commonwealth Relations, U. K.

United Kingdom

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