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Safar 10, 1440

Days remaining to
Independence Day -
August 14

Pakistan Standard Time 4:24 pm


Calendar of Events

1876 - 1900
Date Event
1876, Dec 25 Born at Kharadar, Karachi
1882 Tutor engaged to teach him Gujerati at home
1883 Admitted to Sind Madrasatul Islam, Karachi
1887, Jul 4 Admitted to Sind Madrasatul Islam in First Standard English. Later went to Bombay with his aunt, Manbai. Admitted to Anjuman-i-Islam School, Bombay
Dec 23 Re-admitted to Sind Madrasatul Islam on return to Karachi
1892, Jan 30 Left Sind Madrasatul Islam, while in Fifth Standard English, to marry Emibai, daughter of Leera Khemji, a Khoja Ismaili and a rich wood merchant of Bombay, at the behest of his mother. Married to Emibai at Paneli, Gondal State, Kathiawar
Mar 8 Joined Christian Mission School, Karachi, in Standard VI
Oct 28 Established a partnership firm with his uncle Valji Poonja, cousin Ghanji Valji and his father
Oct 31 Last day of attendance in Church Mission School, Karachi
Nov (1st week) Left for England for training in business at the Grahams Shipping and Trading Company, London, on Sir Leigh Croft's advice
According to a recent version, he left for England in Jan 1893. If that be the case, he would not have heard Naoroji's speech in the British Parliament as reported in a subsequent entry.
Dec Reached London; stayed in a hotel
1893, Jan Moved to a single room apartment at 40 Glazbury Road, West Kensington
Feb 1 Opened an account in Royal Bank of Scotland, 123 Bishop Gate Street, London
Feb Decided to take the Entrance examination, known at that time as "Little Go", in order to obtain admission to one of the Inns, to prepare himself for the Bar
Apr 25 Petitioned the Master of the Bench of the Honorable Society of Lincoln's Inn, for exemption from Latin portion of the preliminary examination
May 25 Got through the preliminary examination
Jun 5 Joined Lincoln's Inn
Sep His mother died in Karachi
1894, Apr Shifted to 35 Russell Road, Kensington, a house owned by Mrs. F.E. Page Drake, where he lived consistently up to completion of his studies
1895, Feb 10 Obtained a readers card from the British Museum and signed as "M.A. Jinnah"
Apr 2-4 Appeared in Easter examination; passed all the papers
Apr 23 Declared successful in the examination
No date Family left Karachi and got settled in Bombay permanently
1896, Apr 14 Requested to have his name altered from "Mohammad Ali Jinnahbhai" to "Mohammad Ali Jinnah
Apr 29 Called to the Bar
May 11 Degree of Bar-at-Law conferred on him by Lincoln's Inn
Jul 15 His last day in London
Aug Returned to India in the first week of August and stayed at Apollo Hotel at Bombay
Aug 24 Enrolled as an advocate at Bombay High Court; started legal practice
Sep Visited Karachi for appearing before the District Courts for defending two litigation cases
Dec 9 The judgments were announced in his favor
1897, Jan Returned to Bombay and shifted from Apollo Hotel to an apartment at Apollo Bandar
Jul 8 Attended first public meeting at Bombay College Hall, presided by Justice Badruddin Tyabji, Judge, Bombay High Court
Aug 11 Attended Muhammadans meeting of all denominations to celebrate Prophet Muhammad's (s.a.w.) birthday at Anjuman-i-Islam School building; Nawab Mohsinul Mulk delivered the President address
No date Got the privilege of using the library of Mr. Maepherson, an Acting Advocate General of Bombay
1898, Apr 6-15 Attended two meetings of Anjuman-i-Islam organized by Justice Badruddin Tyabji
Sep - Oct Appeared in cases before the Bombay Police Courts and Bombay High Court
1899, No date Gained the popularity among the lawyers as the youngest but skillful lawyer. Appeared in several cases with the Mehta group of lawyers that included the renowned Bahadurji
Dec 29 Attended a function to honor Adamji Peerbhoy for conferment of the office of Sheriff by Goverment of Bombay, Lord Sandhurst
1900, May 4 Acted as Third President Magistrate, Bombay
Jun 5 Wrote a letter to Justice Badruddin Tyabji, Judge, Bombay High Court, to seek his opinion in certain service matters
Nov 3 Successfully completed his six months tenure as Third President Magistrate


Remember that the scrupulous maintenance and enforcement of law and order are the prerequisites of all progress. The tenets of Islam enjoin on every Musalman to give protection to his neighbours and to the minorities regardless of caste and creed.

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